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You can choose from over 300 games when you join our exclusive internet casino and play for free or real money; and with classic games, traditional favourites and state-of-the-art variations like Blackjack Peek available around the clock, you’ll enjoy the action that’s up for grabs as well as the big payouts. If you’ve never heard of this online Blackjack variation, Blackjack Peek is just like the original game but with some added benefits for you, the player, that add to the overall experience. You can also request some extra bankroll if you join today and play real money games; you opt in for your Welcome Bonus when you make your first deposit to claim as much as $/€5,000.

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Your Blackjack Peek Game Rules

A game played between you and the dealer, you need to beat his hand to claim a payout - it’s that straightforward! But even though Blackjack Peek is simple and a quick game to learn, it’s far from boring – there are real money payouts waiting to be won as well as some fast and furious action. You can even increase your game speed if you want even more thrills! The maximum points total your hand can add up to is 21 and the best hand you can make is blackjack. Going bust means you’ve lost and you forfeit your round and lose your stake – but beat the dealer and you’ll win a minimum payout of even money. There’s even a range of blackjack strategies you can follow to make the most of every hand. Following standard rules, both you and the dealer receive two cards when you have placed your wager and hit Deal, but in this game the dealer can peek at his hand when his card shows an Ace.

Benefit of Playing Blackjack Peek

How does this peek rule for the dealer benefit you as a player? The main benefit is that it stops you from deciding to Double Down in a no-win situation, so it saves you from making a mistaken move. It’s easier for you to decide whether to Split or Double, because you are already informed whether the dealer has potential blackjack or not in a peek situation. Also, it’s your best option when it comes to surrendering your hand; the dealer peeks for blackjack prior to you having to make your move so once again it helps you to make the right decision. If you choose to play for real money, your payouts are even money for a winning hand, 2/1 when you take Insurance and win, and 3/2 if you beat the dealer with blackjack.