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As the name suggests, you have three cards that you can use to try and beat your dealer when playing 3 Card Brag at A popular choice of game in our internet casino, you also have a pairs bonus game that you can play independently of the dealer’s outcome, so when you choose this exciting 2-in-1 online table game, there are extra thrills to be enjoyed. You can opt for real money games or for free Practice Mode games; you get the same excellent quality of game design and software – the only difference is your payout. Free games award you with virtual chips whereas real money games award you cash! And, for players opening an account with us today to play real money games like 3 Card Brag, there’s a Welcome Bonus worth a maximum of $/€5,000 waiting to be claimed before you hit the felt.

Play 3 Card Brag Blackjack Online

Play 3 Card Brag Online

Like all our table games, you play 3 Card Brag with the dealer as your opponent, but with the extra pairs bonus game, you can also play an additional side game that the dealer does not affect when it comes to your payout. It’s up to you whether you play just the standard game or the side bet too, for real money or free on our download software giving you lots of options to play the way you enjoy. You start 3 Card Brag by paying the Ante. If you want a shot at the pairs side bet you place your additional wager in that area on the table. Your bets don’t have to be identical for both, and the amount you are betting altogether will be added and displayed in the box labeled Total Stake. Click Deal to start your game when you’re ready to play.

Rules of 3 Card Brag at Mansion Casino

You each start with three cards: yours are face up while the dealer receives one facing down. To play, add another bet the same size as your original Ante and you will then have the dealer card shown to you. You can Fold, in which case you lose your bets so far and the game completes. To win the Pairs side bet you need to Play the cards you’ve been dealt, and the dealer must hold a queen or higher value card to be in the regular game also. Both hands – yours and the dealer’s – are evaluated and the best wins. Three cards showing a 3 is the highest scoring combination in 3 Card Brag, with three Aces next in line, followed by three kings. In a situation where the dealer doesn’t qualify, it’s a draw and you keep your ante, and this happens if your hands are equal value too. If the dealer qualifies but your hand is strongest, you win both your Play and Ante bets. You win your Pairs bet if you have a pair or stronger in your hand, regardless of what the dealer holds.